PAS PlantState Integrity

PAS PlantState Integrity™ platform

PAS PlantState Integrity is a comprehensive platform of solutions to manage alarms, boundaries, control loops and independent protection layers (IPLs).

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PAS PlantState Integrity is a comprehensive platform of solutions that provide a critical view of the performance of alarm systems, control loops, operational boundaries and independent protection layers (IPLs). The solutions draw from multiple data sources, contextualise that information and convert it into actionable information for plant personnel. The results are improved operator situation awareness, mitigation of abnormal situations, improved plant safety and reliability and increased profitability.


Improved operator situation awareness

Connect digital silos to visualize data in context and provide actionable information.

Increased plant safety and reliability

Understand the relationships between alarms, control loops, boundaries and IPLs.

Effective oversight

Gain comprehensive insight into operational performance and information to support

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