Highly accurate gap measurement


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The handy CALIPRI C14 measuring system can inspect even highly complex profile shapes in a matter of seconds with its characteristic swivel movement. Numerous inspection methods allow individual evaluation of gaps, folded edges and design lines.

The measurement device uses the patented CALIPRI Principle which is based on the laser light section technology. The user guides the sensor over the profile to be measured. Across the swivel motion, the software records the gap or edge from different directions. Due to the automatic roll and pitch correction, tilts and rotations of the sensor are irrelevant for the system.

After the measuring operation, results are shown as measured values on the sensor and additionally as a profile curve on the connected tablet or PC. Any deviations from the target values are highlighted in colour. The results can be documented by printing PDF measurement protocols or by exporting them into your database.


Automotive flush and gap measurement

Whether it’s a compact vehicle or a luxury model, the aesthetics of a car are an increasingly decisive criteria in the customer purchase decision.