Handheld measurement systems for inline and near line flush and gap inspection in automotive


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Designed for flush and gap inspection on the moving vehicle production line, the CALIPRI C15 manual inline measurement systems offer continuously accurate results with minimal training. 

The CALIPRI C15 models bring extra flexibility to handheld inline measurement in production and assembly lines. The CALIPRI C15 wireless non-contact inline measurement devices use laser light section technology and support continuous hand-guided gap and flush measurements on a production line. The C15 exists in two versions, the C15 Fix for use at a single workstation, and the portable C15 Flex, which is designed for versatility and can be moved easily from one production line to another.

Highly robust and designed for shop-floor use, CALIPRI manual inline measurement systems offer extremely simple operation with minimal training requirements and still deliver accurate results. With just a small hand motion, the user can capture the entire profile of a gap or design line from multiple perspectives, eliminating the need for imprecise geometry estimations. The measurement results are visually displayed on a monitor, where deviations from tolerance limits are highlighted in colour.

The CALIPRI C15 solutions are used in line to improve perceived quality throughout the automotive production cycle. Common application areas include inline flush and gap, seal gap and design line inspection stations in the body shop, fit and finish inspection stations in assembly lines, and inline or end of line rework verification stations. They are also used by automotive suppliers for verification prior to shipment to OEMs, for instance to check hemming and seaming quality.

Automotive flush and gap measurement

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