What is QUINDOS?

QUINDOS is the leading modular metrology software for special geometries used for powertrains in aerospace, energy, automotive, and engineering.

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Powerful enough to handle the most complex and demanding metrology projects, QUINDOS is the expert application for regular, free-form and special geometries including gears, gear tools, blades and other challenging applications. With an unrivalled selection of modules and programming capabilities, QUINDOS is CAD enabled and provides a highly visual environment for managing the most complex measurement and inspection tasks.

Powerful algorithms and packages for specialist metrology needs

What is QUINDOS in page

Featuring highly sophisticated measurement and evaluation algorithms, QUINDOS is the ideal solution for demanding metrology tasks on 3D CMMs where highest accuracy and traceability is required. 

It can handle the most complex applications with a wide range of flexible programming features as well as classic measurement tasks with simple intuitive workflows.

All measurement and analysis data of the inspection plan are stored in a transparent database system which can be viewed in detail at any time. The data can be processed individually using the simplified standard toolbox or extended programming techniques via parametric programming or mathematical functions. 

The software package adapts to your application and its programming needs. An icon-based UI makes this QUINDOS easy to use for both new and experienced users.

Direct statistical analysis is possible directly in QUINDOS or it can be transferred into other systems (e.g., Q-DAS) or further analysis or monitoring.

All solutions for special geometries conform to appropriate national and international standards. Relevant industry standards are also included for special geometries.

A modular approach to complex metrology

The breadth of QUINDOS modules enables you to scale your installation as your metrology needs grow and add the elements you need to suit your latest project. Find out more here.

The most customisable and programmable platform for complex metrology

What is QUINDOS in pageTrusted by leading manufacturers for its versatility and flexibility, QUINDOS, structured programming tools enable experienced users to build executable inspection programmes quickly. The QUINDOS intelligent ribbon guides the user through complex programming tasks. Useful tools such as automatic completion helps expert programmers find the correct command syntax, while automatic insert completes lines of code faster. In this way, new individual commands can be created by the programmer. All necessary tools are included in the core of QUINDOS.

PMI Information contained within CAD models can also be imported into programmes to reduce manual data entry. 

  • Features & benefits

    Visual and Intuitive

    Videos, images, sounds and textual hints can all be integrated to make the process more straightforward for CMM operators working with complex parts and measurement routines.

    The fully integrated CAD core allows the 3D representation of all part geometries in combination with moving path information, stylus configurations, measured points, calculated elements and coordinate systems. Part parameters can also be used to generate accurate 3D models. 

    The QUINDOS user interface is also highly customisable. Users with different roles can modify and save optimal layouts to make their tasks more efficient. 

    For quality managers and operations managers, reports can be customised with visuals and formatted with the most relevant information for different departments. Collaboration is key for complicated engineering projects and QUINDOS makes it easy to share critical information across the organisation. 

    CAD at its core

    The QUINDOS CAD engine enables complex part geometry to be represented and manipulated in 3D. Use QUINDOS to view nominal and actual points on a calculated surface from a wide range of CAD formats including IGES, STEP, Catia V5, Unigraphics NX and Pro-E.

    Smaller reverse engineering features and some helpful functions for handling CAD models are additionally offered by the QUINDOS CAD core.

    Extension packages enable the use of model-based programming with PMI technology - the most efficient and standardised way and Industry 4.0 proven.

    The CAD options can be used to generate points with the correct normals on 3D-curves and surfaces using a high variety of point pattern strategies. Point clouds can also be represented with corresponding deviations.

    Where a CAD model is unavailable, measured elements can be rendered within the QUINDOS viewer.

    For Inspection planning, the I++ Simulator, is an ideal way to use a digital twin to check machine movement and avoid collisions when using the real device.

    Unlocking efficiency and accuracy

    Fast development cycles are a vital part of modern production processes.
    For quality control, this means increased efficiency of operation, measurement and programming.

    QUINDOS has structured dialogs enabling operators to access programmes, drive routines and make simple decisions by controlling access to just the features required to take measurements. 

    A futureproof solution

    Existing inspection plans created with older QUINDOS versions can be easily upgraded to the latest versions or extended with new technologies. This compatibility guarantees a trusted, long-term relationship with secured investment.

    Supporting you every step of the way

    With built in support for both Hexagon and third-party measurement hardware, QUINDOS delivers a unified user experience across all your measurement operations.

    QUINDOS is available with a software maintenance agreement (SMA) offering you access to the latest versions of the software at every release as well as comprehensive technical support and much more.

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QUINDOS: Programming

Trusted by leading manufacturers for its versatility and flexibility, the QUINDOS structured programming tools enable experienced users to build executable inspection...