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The most customisable and programmable platform for complex metrology

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Trusted by leading manufacturers for its versatility and flexibility, the QUINDOS structured programming tools enable experienced users to build executable inspection programs quickly.

QUINDOS makes programming fast and intuitive by guiding the user through the programming process using familiar icons. The menu predicts possible commands based on the type of data selected. Individual commands and parameters can also be modified using customisable dialogue windows.

Using CAD models as a visual reference, programming is made easier thanks to a clear UI, intelligent menu navigation, dialog-guided user inputs and a structured workflow.

QUINDOS provides everything you need for flexible programming. Define variables, access mathematical functions, query databases and execute logical functions using visual code building tools or directly via the command line.

PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) can also be used to automate programme creation by importing GD&T data and related information from native 3D CAD models or QUINDOS user defined PMI data.

QUINDOS supports the latest standards for GD&T and masters multisensory technology with its comprehensive measurement strategies.

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QUINDOS is the market leading software solution for precision measurement of all types of gears. It is used in many applications such as power generation, automotive,...