QUINDOS modules

QUINDOS modules offer the flexibility you need


Choose from a wide range of modules to build precise measurement applications. Design your application and customise the UI for your machine operators

  • QUINDOS Basic

    The CAD core in QUINDOS Basic supports import of standardised CAD formats as well as advanced features for mirroring, merging and adjusting CAD models. QUINDOS handles the export of point information with a wide variety of output formats and offers the possibility to output modified CAD models in standardized formats.

    Programmable measurement routines and generation of moving path information are included with the Basic license. Develop programmable subroutines and logical queries to create custom command libraries or a managed machine operator experience using the integrated dialog designer. 

    QUINDOS Basic provides an OOP (Object Oriented Programming) language that allows free programming via command lines with UI support. Use formulas, mathematical functions and condition handlers to create powerful measurement routines. 

    The database provides an open system for traceability and analysis with access to raw measurement data, intermediate results and calculation rules.

    QUINDOS also includes access to over 50 modules for handling special part geometries.

    Online programming is available for a wide range of Hexagon and third party CMMs as well as portable devices based on the I++DME protocol as well as portable devices.

    Offline programming is supported with the I++ Simulator.

     Standardised graphical reports for GD&T and CAD use, including saving into most popular formats such as PDF, XPS and image files.


    QUINDOS CAD builds on the entry level CAD features available in QUINDOS Basic. This additional module enables users to measure points and view result elements in the traditional learn mode. It also extends support for additional CAD formats such as CATIA, Unigraphic (UG) and Pro/Engineer (Pro/E).

    • QUINDOS inspection planning with PMIs
      • Automated generation of inspection planning based on GD&T annotations integrated in the native 3D CAD model defined by the design
        • Including adding PMIs from Drawings (OCR) technology and converting GD&T information from DFD-Files into PMIs
      • Automated inspection planning based on PMIs designed with the metrology software by the QUINDOS user 
        • For those yet to integrate PMIs from the design side and for users looking for a fast, standardised measurement programme creation with uniform measurement strategies
        • Including added PMIs from drawings (OCR) technology and converting GD&T information from DFD-Files into PMIs
    • QUINDOS CAD Surfaces
    • QUINDOS Point Cloud / Mesh
    • QUINDOS CAD Converter
    • QUINDOS PMI Converter
  • QUINDOS modules for cylindrical gears
    • QUINDOS Gear
      • Helical and spur-toothed cylindrical gears and gearing segments
      • Internal and external gears and gear segments
      • Left and right handed gears
    • QUINDOS Unknown Gear
      • Determination of the geometry of unknown cylindrical gears and segments
      • Reverse engineering for cylindrical gears and segments with straight and helical teeth
    • QUINDOS Herringbone Gears
      • Double helical gears
      • Determination of the APEX point of herringbone gears
    • QUINDOS Gear Offset
      • Evaluation of the grinding offset of the cutting tool for cylindrical gears
    • QUINDOS Interface Gear Data Exchange
      • Manufacturer-neutral flexible data exchange format for gear data acc. VDI/VDE 2610
    • QUINDOS Gear for Portable Devices
      • For scannable portable devices
      • Package consisting of QUINDOS Basic and the gear modules Gear and Unknown Gear
  • QUINDOS powertrain gearing modules
    • QUINDOS Gear Racks

      • QUINDOS Gear Rack with Constant Ratio
      • QUINDOS Gear Rack with Variable Ratio
    • QUINDOS Bevel
      • QUINDOS Straight Bevel Gear 
      • QUINDOS Spiral Bevel Gear including Crown/Face Gears
    • QUINDOS Hirth Serration
    • QUINDOS Curvic Coupling
    • QUINDOS Tapered Pinions for Spiroid Gear Drives
    • QUINDOS Gear Gages
    • QUINDOS Cylindrical Worm & QUINDOS Worm Wheel
    • QUINDOS Globoid Worm
    • QUINDOS Screw Compressor
    • QUINDOS Sprocket
    • QUINDOS Step Gear
    • QUINDOS Threads


  • QUINDOS powertrain modules for blades and blisk
    • Blade
    • Blade Ultimate
    • Bladed Rotor
  • QUINDOS powertrain modules for special geometry tools
    • QUINDOS Shaper Cutter
    • QUINDOS Shaver Cutter
    • QUINDOS Hob Cutter
    • QUINDOS Cylindrical Broach
    • QUINDOS Linear Broach
    • QUINDOS Form Cutter
    • QUINDOS Capto Profiles
  • QUINDOS powertrain modules for automotive drivetrain
    • QUINDOS Camshaft
    • QUINDOS Unknown Camshaft
    • QUINDOS Valve Seat & Guides
    • QUINDOS Ovality of Pistons
    • QUINDOS Wear Measurement for Camshafts
  • QUINDOS CMM monitoring
    • QUINDOS Virtual CMM II
    • QUINDOS CMM Test - ISO 10360
    • QUINDOS CMM Test – Ball Plate
    • QUINDOS CMM Check (with or without Rotary Table)
    • QUINDOS Temperature Monitoring
  • QUINDOS programming tools for functional upgrades
    • QUINDOS Roughness
    • QUINDOS Curves
    • QUINDOS Polygon (Non-Circular Profile)
    • QUINDOS Feature Based Inspection
    • QUINDOS 2D-Gauge Simulation of Bore Patterns
    • QUINDOS Centring of Circles into Contours
    • QUINDOS Centring of Balls into Contours


  • QUINDOS Statistic and Statistical Interfaces
    • QUINDOS Statistic
    • QUINDOS Q-DAS Interface
  • QUINDOS Modules for Increased Throughput
    • QUINDOS Measuring on pallets
    • QUINDOS Automation-Manager
    • QUINDOS Pallet-Manager
    • Automatic Gauge Inspection

      • Automatic Gauge Inspection
      • Automatic Calculation of Tolerances for Gauge Inspection
  • QUINDOS for portable devices
    • QUINDOS Gear
    • QUINDOS Basic

What is QUINDOS?

QUINDOS is the leading modular metrology software for special geometries used for powertrains in aerospace, energy, automotive, and engineering.

QUINDOS: Programming

Trusted by leading manufacturers for its versatility and flexibility, the QUINDOS structured programming tools enable experienced users to build executable inspection...