Enterprise Asset Management

For long-term success, companies must adopt a modern asset management strategy to tackle aging assets, workforce scarcity, and technology disruption. Hexagon's enterprise asset management solution, HxGN EAM, gives organizations full visibility into asset performance to enable longer asset lifecycles, and improved performance, quality, and profitability.

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  • Enterprise Asset Management

    HxGN EAM allows you to achieve greater visibility into assets for better capital spending decisions.

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      Conditional autonomy
      Autonomous scenario based planning capabilities taking into account key elements of work & asset priority, equipment ranking
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  • Hexagon EAM Databridge Pro

    Streamline your enterprise's data integration with HxGN EAM Databridge Pro.

  • HxGN EAM Digital Work

    Maximize field worker productivity with a powerful mobile platform that streamlines work execution and improves data capture through an intuitive work experience.

  • HxGN APM

    Empowering maintenance professionals with the most economically correct maintenance prescription.