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 Can be used on a manual measuring device up to the automated cell in connection with the PC-DMIS software.

To ensure the quality of the workpieces, various manufacturing steps must be monitored using measurement technology. If this is done on the milling or eroding machine, the processing machine is not available for the production process during this time.

Furthermore, inaccurate measurement results cannot be ruled out during the critical warm-up time of the processing machine.

Therefore, the measurement on a coordinate measuring machine pays off from the first eroding machine:

  • Shorter set-up times
  • Longer machine runtimes (availability)
  • Reduction of lead times
  • Fast availability and more precise offset data directly in the processing machine
  • In addition to generating offset data, quality data is also available

In total, the degree of utilization of the processing machine is significantly increased, which increases overall productivity.

Fully automated eroding and / or milling cell with Hexagon CMM & PC-DMIS Preset & Measure Supervisor

Preset & Measure SupervisorIn the case of a fully automatic solution, the coordinate measuring machine, the milling and / or eroding machine and other components are integrated into the production cell. A job manager coordinates the robot loading and tooling as well as the interaction of the processing and measuring machine.

This enables maximum productivity & machine efficiency combined with accuracy and process stability with 24/7 use in production.

The PC-DMIS Preset & Measure Suite includes the following software solutions:
3 modules enable the software to be optimally adapted to customer requirements

Preset & Measure

Preset & MeasureGraphically supported user interface, which controls the machine operator through the measurement process of PC-DMIS. No special previous metrological knowledge is required. Preset & Measure contains macros for the following functions:
  • Calibration of probes
  • Calibration of chucks
  • Offset data determination for electrodes and workpieces for the chucks
  • Quality measurement on electrode contours and / or workpieces
  • Plausibility checks are integrated and prevent operator errors

In addition, the measurement data are managed and can be exported to any output format. Fully parameterized post processors are available for this, which can be added by the customer and adapted to the existing processing machines.

Measurement data can be output in various protocol formats and Q-DAS ASCII transfer format.

Preset & Measure Inspection Planner

Preset & Measure Inspection PlannerIn connection with a PC-DMIS CAD offline license, this solution offers the possibility to define the measuring points for preset data determination or also for quality measurement on a CAD model.

The buttons and secondary information to be used (such as probing parameters and spark gap) are defined here. The data file can then be automatically converted into a measuring routine in Preset & Measure on the coordinate measuring machine.

Preset & Measure Supervisor

Preset & Measure SupervisorThis is an interface to the respective job manager of an automated cell. The following job managers are currently supported:
  • Zimmer & Kreim: JOBmod CMM
  • GF Machining Solutions (System 3R): WSM – WorkShopManager
  • Röders: RMSMain
  • Features & benefits
    • Integration* into a new or existing coordinate measuring machine;
    • Compatible with any machining and pallet system;
    • Handles touch-trigger and scanning probes;
    • CNC, manual or mixed measuring mode;
    • Alignment of chucks mounting electrodes and spindles;
    • Support for random loading of pallets of any size and shape;
    • Full presetting of electrodes and workpieces. Accuracy of results is dependent on the type of CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) used;
    • Calculation of all possible correction values (X, Y, Z distances and A,B,C angles), or any value required by the machining type or the specific machine model;
    • Presetting data is fully configurable based on the format required by the workcentre it is intended for; additionally, a full library of ready-to-use output formats is available;
    • Effective support for tracking jobs and workpieces;
    • The library of presetting macros is freely expandable at any time to suit new or changed presetting requirements;
    • Interfaceable with Workshop Manager within the automated workcell;
    • Interfaceable with workpiece identification systems or fixture clamping verification systems (optional functions not included in the standard offer);
    • Assistance from the skilled staff of our Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence global network of technical service and support.

    * The machining system and accessories, pallets, supports and any workpiece identification systems, as well as DNC or LAN connection for the presetting workstation are not included in the offer. The workcentre intended for presetting data must have provision for receiving correction values.

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