Line Walks

Hexagon's solutions for line walks help manufacturing operators to digitally observe, capture and evaluate the operational performance of the manufacturing environments.

A CNC operative wearing a hardhat and overalls looking at a tablet device whilst standing next to a CNC machine

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Production line walks are an effective way for teams to gain insight into production workflow efficiency, eliminate waste and uncover new opportunities for improvement.

Hexagon's solutions for line walks focuses on making it easy for operators to capture these insights, and increase the accuracy and timeliness of their regular operations, inspections and audits. Performing these applications digitally with a smartphone or tablet as opposed to traditionally paper-based processes, manufacturers can better utilise the key information and insight.
Line Walks enables shop-floor manufacturing operators to take a more proactive approach to asset reliability. By applying data logic, these digital process flows allow users to identify potential issues and initiate corrective actions to avoid costly downtime events. This information collected is instantly available for plant-wide reporting.


Identify potential issues that are often unknown to industrial automation solutions 

Simply digitising paper-based inspections or audits does not provide significant value. The real value is derived when that digitally-collected data is utilised to feed insights up and downstream. Line Walks helps to increase accountability and accuracy for operators while providing valuable insights to plant management, helping to monitor and drive asset reliability and safety. Data collected can also be used to trigger new workflows; for example if a specific reading is outside its specified tolerance, alerts be automatically triggered, notifying the necessary department for corrective actions. 

Downtime Tagging

Hexagon's solutions for downtime tagging bring human experience to the digital world, adding operator insight to your digital twin

Quality Control Checklist

With Hexagon's app for quality control, you can maintain digital records throughout the inspection process using a tablet or smartphone.