Downtime Tagging

Mobile apps for adding accurate context for machine and assembly downtime events, producing reportable, actionable and granular data which lead to good decision making and improvements in OEE.

Downtime Tagging

Downtime Tagging allows you to quickly capture, analyse and mitigate downtime events to improve OEE.

We're excited to announce that Hexagon Xalt Solutions is now Nexus Connected Worker!

Nexus Connected Worker solutions are designed to break down information silos and transform manual processes into efficient digital workflows, ensuring manufacturing excellence and efficiency.

Increase reliability

Downtime tagging is a tailored, mobile solution that delivers layers of detail at your discretion, seamlessly integrates with your ERP, feeds into a native analytics tool and eliminates the need for dual entry.

Move beyond inefficient paper-based downtime cods. Our solutions lets you elevate machine operators and their observations by giving them ownership and autonomy to provide valuable insights. You'll capture the full picture of what's happening to your machines and why, printing future losses while protecting your revenue and reputation.

Operator using controls
"This [Downtime Tagging] is revealing previously hidden losses...We had been guessing at our OEE score; now we have to face the reality of our true performance. Now that we know how we're performing, there is accountability to improve."