GeoCloud Drive Cloud Storage and Data Transfer Service

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Connecting measurement professionals to their data

Store, transfer and share your data efficiently between field and office to improve your data workflow. Reach out to learn more.

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Embracing field-to-office connectivity is easy with GeoCloud Drive, the cloud-based data transfer and storage service. Direct integration into Leica Captivate and iCON field software enables seamless data transfer and you can work with any Windows office software, including Leica Infinity. GeoCloud Drive ensures data is always up to date everywhere, minimising rework and granting peace of mind. 

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HxGN GeoCloud

GeoCloud Drive is a service within HxGN GeoCloud, a powerful cloud-based collaboration portal. Offering expanding services for optimising work and dataflows, HxGN GeoCloud is powered by HxDR, Hexagon's cloud-native platform for geospatial solutions at any scale.

3 ways to access GeoCloud Drive

Leica Captivate & Leica iCON

Directly access GeoCloud Drive via Leica Geosystems field software. Download data for your surveying job, work on it, and upload data to the cloud for instant access in the office. Receive immediate feedback for peace of mind.

Web App

The GeoCloud Drive Web App allows you to oversee all ongoing and past projects over a web browser. Data is stored centrally and easily accessible and retrievable for authorised project members.

Desktop Synchronisation App &
Leica Infinity

The Desktop Synchronisation App for Windows allows you to work with the office software of your choice, like Leica Infinity. Prepare and send data to the field and view data uploaded from the site for timely checks in the office.

Take a tour in GeoCloud Drive Web App

Create a project

Name your project, upload a cover image, and create your own folder structure. The breadcrumbs in your project folders enable navigation within your folder structure.

Manage project members

The project owner controls who can access the project by adding or removing members.

Upload files

Upload data from your PC into the project.

Copy files

Easily copy any file to another project folder within the Web App.

Automatic data synchronisation

All data uploaded via the Web App, Leica Captivate and Leica iCON field software or an office software is automatically synchronised with the Windows file system of your PC thanks to the Desktop Synchronisation App.

Find the GeoCloud Drive plan for you

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I adapt my plan to add or remove users during the subscription period?

    Additional extensions for new users can be purchased any time. Every new user comes with an extra 25 GB added to the general cloud storage for all users. This empowers you to flexibly adapt your GeoCloud Drive subscription to your company’s needs. Users can be removed from the plan at the renewal date.

  • Do I need to buy a GeoCloud Drive subscription for each business location?

    GeoCloud Drive is designed in a way that each company needs only 1 subscription across all business/office locations. The subscription can be adapted considering the needs of the company regarding users and data storage. The access to the data is controlled by projects and project membership management.

  • Do I need a license key for the Desktop Synchronisation App?

    No, the Desktop Synchronisation App does not have to be purchased as a separate license. It is included in the GeoCloud Drive service.

  • Is there a GeoCloud Drive Enterprise subscription?

    Although GeoCloud Drive does not offer a predefined Enterprise subscription, please contact us and we will gladly configure an individual Enterprise offer.

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