HP-OW Optical Sensors

Flexible white-light scanning for multiple surface finishes

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The HP-OW sensor uses chromatic white-light spectroscopy to take highly accurate measurements on varied surface finishes across a wide array of applications. 

The sensor has a measurement range of several millimetres while achieving a resolution in the nanometric range. In combination with a large acceptance angle of up to ±30°, it provides very versatile measurement possibilities, making it ideally suited to measure anything from small features to large surfaces.

HP-OW probes are available in three variations, making it possible to adapt to different measurement ranges, working distances and other metrology requirements. When combined with the HR-R sensor rack, inspection cycle time is significantly reduced.

Turn your CMM to a multi-sensor system

Using a CMM equipped with tactile sensors alongside HP-OW optical sensors ensures the highest levels of measurement flexibility. 

Measure mirror-finished, matte and transparent surfaces

HP-OW sensors easily overcome the challenge of measuring different surfaces.

Highly accurate on fragile materials

HP-OW sensors prevent damage or deformation by providing contactless critical measurement inspection that excels in accuracy.
  • Features & Benefits

    SolutionPerfect for challenging measurement applications
    Thanks to its unique measurement principle and the wide range of sizes, the HP-OW can be used for applications that are usually challenging to measure such as shiny surfaces, glass and other transparent/reflective or sensitive materials. In addition, the HP-OW can measure the thickness of workpiece areas.

    ArtefactSpiral scan calibration
    Instead of capturing multiple measurement points seperately, the HP-OW runs in spirals over the calibration sphere, resulting in significant reduction of the process time. The parameters are automatically selected by PC-DMIS.

    TransferAutomatic probe exchange
    In combination with a probe head, the HP-OW sensor can be exchanged during the measurement program with different Hexagon sensors to achieve the highest possible levels of flexibility. 

    HP-OW Sensors are designed to fit on most Hexagon coordinate measuring machines, including the GLOBAL S and OPTIV machines. It is also compatible with optical probe heads, the SENMATION sensor change interface, the HR-R sensor rack and PC-DMIS software.

    Light-BulbSophisticated dimensional measurement principle
    White light is transmitted through the optical probe to the surface. Based on the reflected light, up to 65 000 very precise measurement points can be taken per second. Since measurements are made at the speed of light, the data is not affected by vibrations or ambient conditions. This technology makes it possible to measure nearly every material and can also be used to measure thickness, surface topography, ovality, roughness or shape.

  • Technical Data
       HP-OW2.14  HP-OW-2.61  HP-OW-3.22
     Article No.  03939638  03939637  03939639
     Probing size error*
     4 µm  5 µm  6 µm
     Measuring range (mm)  2   2  3
     Working distance [mm]  14  61  22
     Resolution in Z direction [nm]  66 66  100
     Diameter of spot [μm]  12  12  12
     Lateral resolution [μm]  6   6  6
     Lateral resolution [μm]  3  3   4.5
     Weight (g)  460   600  720
     Sensor mounting compatibility  HH-AS8-OWT2.5
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