Absolute arm with BendingStudio XT

Faster tube and wire measurement made portable

Absolute Arm with BendingStudio XT

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Combining BendingStudio XT software with Absolute Arm 3D laser scanning and probing hardware delivers unmatched speed and flexibility to the tube and wire production industry.

This speed and portability come without compromise. The Absolute Arm together with BendingStudio XT is fully applicable to complex tube and wire formations, including bend-in-bend and freeform, and can easily compensate for deflection in long and flexible tubes. The open bender interface of BendingStudio XT is configurable for direct data transfer to most CNC benders, allowing for immediate production correction when deviations are identified. 

Using one of the high-end laser scanners available for the Absolute Arm 7-Axis as the measurement input tool for the BendingStudio XT software platform delivers the high-speed measurement of high-quality 3D laser scanning – full tube geometries can be captured with only a few quick sweeps of the laser scanner. This speed perfectly complements the extreme flexibility of portable measuring arm technology, which can be quickly situated in any place at which measurements need to be made. And with the leading technology of the range of laser scanners available for the Absolute Arm, the system can handle tube and wires in a wide variety of materials, colours, surface finishes and shapes, with even rectangle-section tube measurement possible.

Alternatively, use well-established tube probe technology to make tube geometry measurements quickly and easily using any Absolute Arm system. The non-contact infrared tube probes, available in six different sizes, can be used to measure tube length and bend angles, while standard touch probes allow for measurement of end forms such as bevel-cut ends or ends with expansions as well as large-diameter tubes.

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