Radpunch to Radprofile Online


Course Overview

This is a one-day course designed to provide existing Punch users with a working knowledge of the Radprofile two-dimensional computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system utilising the RADAN software.  

Upon completion of this course you will be familiar all relevant steps required to produce an NC program for a laser machining. In addition you will have an understanding of other non-graphical aspects of the system.   

Topics covered

  • Introduction to Radprofile as a module of Radan and its documentation.
  • Automatic tooling - parameters - tagging.
  • Overview of Etching and pre-cutting for plastic coated sheet.
  • Layout of parts - parameters - plotting.
  • Automatic Order mode.
  • Program compilation, verification and output.
  • Subroutines.
  • Configuring User system data.
  • Configuring Tool and Sheet Libraries.
  • Introduction into the RADAN nesting software (Rectangular & Shaped) - configuration -scheduling - kits - automating the nester.
  • Configuring Automatic Tooling, Automatic Order.
  • Overview of Attributes.


09/11/2023, 09:15.


1 Day.


£385 GBP.

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