Simulation of Mechanical Joining Processes Basic Seminar



In our basic seminar you will learn how to set up and calculate mechanical joining processes with Simufact Forming and evaluate them. In addition to the pure calculation of the joining process, you also use Simufact Forming Assessment of the strength of the joint. In the seminar we also go into the possibilities of mapping process chains. The focus of our training is to give you "step-by-step" instructions so that you later be able to independently model and analyze your own processes.

Target group

Users from the field of mechanical joining technology


  • Basic program structure
  • Modeling using the example of three joining processes (semi-hollow punch riveting, blind riveting, clinching)
  • CAD import and meshing strategy for joining elements
  • Peculiarities of contact modeling between deformable bodies, especially segment-to-segment contacts
  • Transfer of results within a process chain simulation
  • Modeling of destructive test procedures (head pull, shear pull, peel pull)
  • Outlook on joining module and adhesive modeling


For your participation in the seminar, we recommend that you have a basic knowledge of how to operate Simufact Forming. 

Dates and location

16. – 17.04.2024, Hamburg, Germany
03. – 04.09.2024, Hamburg, Germany


2 days


€ 1.280 


Tel: +49 (0) 89 2109 3224