Specialties on MPCs, R-Type Elements and Mesh Transitions



The aim of the seminar is to avoid frequently mistakes in the application of R-type elements and the connection of incompatible networks. You will learn appropriate modelling techniques for this.


Part 1: MPC Equations and R-Type Elements:

  • In this part of the seminar, the following points are explained in detail:
  • Definition and application examples of MPC equations
  • Representation of the most commonly used R-type elements (RBAR, RBE2, RBE3, RSSCON)
  • Lagrange Multiplier Method
  • This is done considering the transition from small to large displacements (geometric nonlinearities) as well as the effects on Nastran solutions using the differential stiffness matrix (e.g. buckling or dynamic analyses with prestress) and the influence of thermal expansions. Furthermore, the most common problems and errors (singularities, "grounding") as well as possible solutions are pointed out.

Part 2: Mesh Transitions:

  • This part of the seminar deals in detail with the connection of different element types (e.g. bars to solids) and non-consistent networks (e.g. "global-local analysis"). Starting from the standard methods (RBE3, RSSCON,RSPLINE), the arc is drawn over more modern possibilities (CINTC) up to glued contact and the transition from linear (small deformations) to non-linear analyses is considered.


Basic knowledge of MSC Nastran (NAS101 or NAS120).


21.03.2024, Garching next Munich, Germany
10.10.2024, Garching next Munich, Germany           


1 day 


€ 640 + VAT

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Garching next Munich
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