Virtual Material Development and Testing of Reinforced Plastics with Digimat



This course is divided into two parts:

  • Part 1: Virtual material testing
    This part of the seminar deals with continuous fiber materials (continuous fiber reinforced plastic or also CFRP). You will learn how with the help of Digimat-VA virtual tests to determine carry out virtual allowables (A basis, B basis) and thus the effort for real tests ofreduce materials. Digimat-VA offers a variety of different methods for virtual Tests such as parameter studies, introduction of defects etc.
  • Part 2: Virtual material development
    In this part of the seminar you will learn how to use from Digimat-FE based on representative Volume Elements (RVE) materials virtual can develop. With Digimat-FE you can under among other things, the influence of the geometry of an inclusion (fibre, pore etc.) or the distribution of inclusions on the mechanical behavior of materials investigate.


Part 1:

  • Introduction to the graphical interface of Digimat VA
  • Material models for continuous fiber materials (CFRP)
  • Construction of test matrices for virtual tests
  • Variability study, parameter study, effect of defects
  • Calculation and evaluation of the simulations

Part 2:

  • Introduction to the graphical interface of Digimat FE
  • Full-Field Homogenization: Theory and Implementation
  • Creation of virtual geometries
  • Calculation and evaluation of the simulations


None (DIG101 is an advantage)

and location

13.09.2023, Garching next Munich, Germany


1 day




Tel: +49 (0) 89 2109 3224