CRA303 - User Scripts for scFLOW

The main objective of this course is to familiarize attendees with the implementation of complex, variable analysis conditions in scFLOW. The course contents will take the attendee through gradually increasing levels of complexity in setting variable conditions. This will culminate in detailed instruction and hands-on examples for the creation of scFLOW User Scripts.

Attendees will gain knowledge of:

  • Variable conditions using Tables
  • Variable conditions using Mapping of data
  • How to Create User Scripts
  • Conditions Supported by User Scripts
  • A Comparison of User Scripts and User Functions
  • Finding information and/or acquiring necessary help

Length: 1 Day
Cost: $475

Familiarity with the basic workflow of scFLOW. Course CRA301 is recommended.


  • Introduction
  • Variable Tables
    • Ex: Time-Varying Inlet Condition
    • Ex: Temperature-Dependent Viscosity
  • Mapped Boundary Conditions
    • Ex: Inlet Temperature Condition Mapped from Data Points
  • Formatted Scripts
    • Comparison of User Functions and Formatted Scripts
    • Conditions and Properties Supported by Formatted Scripts
    • Ex: Dynamic Heat Sources Based on Part Temperatures
    • Ex: Room Cooling Controlled by Monitor Point Temperature

March 6, 2024

Aug. 7, 2024

Location: Virtual Classroom, United States

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