CRA201 - Introduction to scSTREAM for Buildings

The main objectives of this course are to familiarize attendees with the basic operation of scSTREAM and to equip them to handle typical thermal/CFD problems encountered during the building and architectural design processes. This course will focus on functions useful for indoor HVAC simulations and external flow/aerodynamics around buildings.

Attendees will gain knowledge of:

  • Basic Operation of scSTREAM
  • Checking the validity of the simulation
  • Advanced functions of scSTREAM
  • Finding information and/or acquiring necessary help

Length: 3 Days
Cost: $1,425



  • Basic Operation of scSTREAM
  • Modeling an Indoor Environment
    • Air-conditioning Model
    • Anemostat Model
    • Radiation and Solar Radiation
    • Diffusion Function
    • Ventilation Efficiency
    • Humidity – Dew Condensation and Evaporation
  • Modeling an Outdoor Environment
    • Importing CAD Data
    • Power Law Boundary Condition
    • Plant Canopy Model
    • Multiblock Function
    • Mapping Function
  • Advanced Topics
    • Simplified Modeling Techniques
    • Visualization Techniques for Large-Scale Analysis
    • Speed-up Techniques for Transient Analysis
    • Strategies for a Diverging Calculation
    • Tips and Notes
    • Other Functions

March 19 – 21, 2024

Aug. 20 – 22, 2024

Location: Virtual Classroom, United States

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