Entry into multi-body simulation with Adams



You will learn the theoretical and practical basic knowledge for a successful start with Adams/View and Adams/Solver.



  • Creation of parts and geometry
  • Definition of joints, drives, forces and contacts and flexible connecting elements (e.g. rubber bearing)
  • Definition of run-time functions
  • Measurement of desired quantities (displacement, speeds, accelerations, applied loads, forces)
  • Simulation options (statics, kinematics, dynamics, eigenvalue analysis)
  • Overview of the files created by Adams/View and Adams/Solver
  • Presentation of results (plots and animations)
  • Discussion on further topics:
  • Import of CAD data
  • Performing a curve synthesis
  • Application of friction in joints
  • Carrying out design studies
  • Attaching sensors to the system


None, basic knowledge in kinematics is an advantage


Dates and location

04. – 08.03.2024, Hamburg, Germany
10. – 14.06.2024, Garching next Munich, Germany
16. – 20.09.2024, Garching next Munich, Germany
14. – 18.10.2024, Chemnitz, Germany



5 days






Tel: +49 (0) 89 2109 3224