Student Edition FAQ


1. How long will students be able to use the software after downloading it?
The Student Edition will be valid for two years from the product build date.

2. Are there any pre-requisites to using the Student Editions
No, there are no pre-requisites. Any active/eligible student may download the Hexagon Student Editions and begin using even if the university they attend does not own Hexagon products.

3. How does the student begin using the Software?
Once the student is approved following registration, the student may download the software from the Hexagon Website, and they can begin using it immediately.

4. Is the Student Edition software limited?
Yes, there are limitations. The Hexagon Student Editions are used in the same manner as the corresponding commercial versions, except model sizes are limited and there is a limited set of capabilities exposed to the user in each version. Specific problems would include any problem that is covered in a typical (undergraduate sophomore or junior level) mechanical engineering curriculum. Limitations will be enforced during model creation and job submission by appropriate licensing features.

5. Can the Student Editions be copied or distributed to others after downloaded?
No. Copying the software or any accompanying documentation or materials is unauthorized and constitutes a material breach of the license agreement.

6. How does the Student Edition differ from the Academic Bundles?
The Student Editions are different from Hexagon's current Academic University Bundles.

The Hexagon Academic University Bundles are full commercial versions of the software. These bundles are available for Universities to purchase and use for teaching or research purposes. The Student Editions are specifically for student usage, and are not full commercial versions of the Hexagon software products. All Student Editions are limited mainly in terms of model size, and provide a specific set of features to help students become proficient in the software for their own personal use and/or for school projects. The Student Editions are free for active students.

7. Will there be Tutorials or other Learning Aids for Students to download with the software?
Yes, there is a set of learning aids available to students including tutorials, documentation, and webinars. Students will get a notification upon downloading the software with a location link to download training aids. Students can come back and visit this site regularly for updates.

8. What kind of Support will Hexagon provide for Students who download the Student Editions?
Students will not be able to call the Hexagon support desk. However, they will have access to the Hexagon forums for communication with other students, information sharing, and tips and tricks shared by other users. Students may also attend all Hexagon public webinars. Visit the following article for details about support information:

9. What Platforms support the Student Editions?
Windows 64 bit OS only.

10. The MSC Nastran and Patran installation asks me for licenses, do I need a license to use Patran?
No. The requests for licenses during a "Complete" install of Patran are for Unigraphics and Pro/E Access. During a complete install of Patran, you can ignore the requests for licenses and continue the installation without any impact on the final Patran install. Alternatively, you can select a "Custom" install where the requests for licenses will not occur.

11. I am still having issues during the installation of Patran and MSC Nastran Student Edition. What is wrong?
As long as you are using a Windows 7 64bit, the installer should operate properly. Please watch this installation video and follow each step until you have successfully installed the software.