Student editions

Accelerate your engineering career

Hexagon provides students free access to Student Editions of our Computer Aided Engineering software via the student download center. Simply register and begin exploring the world of physics-based simulation. With fast access to a large amount of tutorials, webinars and example problems, you can effortlessly train yourself.


Simulate real world behaviors

Hexagon’s Student Editions provide you with the simulation tools to accurately and reliably predict how your designs will behave in the real world. Employers are constantly relying on simulation software to help eliminate slow and costly physical testing, and with experience right out of school, you will be ready to begin your career in no time!

Note: in the supported platforms, Student Edition software is Windows only



Actran is the premier acoustic simulation software to solve acoustics, vibro-acoustics and aero-acoustics problems.



Adams is a multibody dynamics simulation tool to model moving part dynamics and the effects of forces on mechanical systems.


MSC Apex

MSC Apex is a unified CAE environment for virtual product development.


Cradle CFD

Cradle CFD is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software that enables the fluid and thermal analysis.



A nonlinear multiscale material and structure modelling platform.


MSC Nastran

MSC Nastran is a structural analysis application used by engineers to perform static, dynamic and thermal analysis.



Marc simulates products accurately with the industry’s leading nonlinear FEA solver technology.

Student Ambassador Programme

Would you like to become a Hexagon Student Ambassador at your university and benefit from mentoring provided by our engineers? As a Hexagon Student Ambassador for CAE software, you’ll get free access to world-class computer-aided engineering simulation software and associated training to build your career.

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