Software Download Center

Electronic Delivery of your Hexagon Products

The Software Download Center provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Personal notification of new software releases – you will receive an E-mail from the SDC when a new product release is posted for delivery
  • Immediate access to MSC products – eliminates CD manufacturing and package shipping time
  • Simultaneous worldwide release to your company and suppliers – facilitates product deployment coordination
  • Download only the software you need – no longer receive physical product media that you do not use
  • Download log – track which users download product files using a detailed on line log showing the user, filename, download time, and download method
  • Eliminates tracking product shipments – stop wasting time trying to determine whether a package is stuck in your mailroom, our shipping department, or somewhere between
  • Service available 24x7 worldwide – highly reliable system with high-bandwidth data pipes and redundant servers

The following information is required to designate your electronic delivery administrator:

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email
  • MSC Agreement Number

Access to your Software Download Center (SDC) account will be setup once MSC has received and verified this information.

Please register your electronic delivery administrator by clicking on the following URL:


Questions may be sent to