Reverse engineering

Scan and digitise physical objects to 3D CAD models for reverse engineering.

Reverse engineering Engineer working at a computer with virtual model of the product design popping out of screen, reverse engineering

Simplifying reverse engineering

Discover REcreate, a powerful reverse engineering software designed to streamline the reverse engineering process.

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Reverse engineering from physical part to CAD model is vital for applications from product design, iteration and re-engineering to spare part production. Hexagon’s metrology range provides the right tools to digitalise any part, while dedicated software ensures a simple reverse engineering process.


Reverse engineering is a method of creating a 3D model from an existing physical part for use in computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), computer-aided engineering (CAE) or other software. The process involves measuring an object with metrology equipment to reconstruct the virtual model.

Reverse engineering can be used in product design, iteration and reengineering, as well as to manufacture spares for legacy parts where no digital CAD exists. Historically, capturing the rich point cloud data required for reverse engineering could be challenging, particularly with irregular shapes and freeform surfaces. However, advances in 3D scanning technology and metrology software make it easier than ever to build robust reverse engineering workflows for every application.

Hexagon’s 3D scanning solutions provide point cloud data optimised for reverse engineering, while dedicated software helps to minimise the effort to refine and ready the CAD for reproduction.

Reverse engineering Laser scanning a carbon fibre wheel hub with the Absolute Scanner AS1 mounted on a portable measuring arm with software on laptop screen.


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