Rail and transit network management

Improve rail and transit planning and operations with location-based network management solutions.

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Bringing a new dimension to your public transportation network 

Learn how to go beyond a simple map to create an advanced digital twin of your city’s public transportation system. 

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Hexagon helps rail and transit network operators enhance planning and operational efficiency, improve asset and fleet management and overcome capacity and infrastructure challenges through a digital network model and capabilities that are easy to deploy, maintain and use throughout the enterprise. 

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  • Rail and transit modelling
  • Asset field inspection 

Rail and transit network management is a complex process that encompasses track monitoring and management, station management, electric infrastructure monitoring and repairs and network expansion. These sub-processes can require various types of data, documents and decision-making, which can be difficult for transportation network operators using disparate software and systems. 

Hexagon provides a streamlined solution for managing rail and transit network operations. Users can monitor infrastructure, map their attributes and predict and prevent damage. They can map accessibility compliance, timetables, ticket machines and cleaning for station management. And, as a unified system, our rail and transit network management solution also handles construction processes like mapping underground infrastructure, maintaining a cross register, checking live status and accessing legal documents and construction plans. 

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Transportation network modelling is the basis for network planning and operations. Rail and transit operators depend on an accurate and dependable network model to plan routes and construction projects and maintain assets, infrastructure and safety. 

Hexagon's technology offers solutions for building and maintaining a digital network model of your entire transportation system. By using the fastest linear reference system (LRS) on the market, network operators can maintain routes, assets, classification, characteristics and more. We provide operators with an authoritative system of record that is easy to update and edit and ensures accurate data across the enterprise. 

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Regularly inspecting infrastructure and quickly making repairs in rail and transit systems is critical to ensuring smooth and timely operations. To conduct speedy asset rail inspections and repairs, maintenance crews need accurate information about assets and locations and the ability to communicate with other teams about the status of repairs. 

Hexagon provides rail inspection capabilities that maintenance crews can use in the field with mobile devices. From an app, workers have complete access to the network data needed to complete inspections and service requests, even in low- or no-bandwidth environments.

Maintenance crews can also use our solutions to upload photos and other documents to their organisation’s infrastructure and asset databases, keeping back-office teams updated on their work. 

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