Mine Fragmentation Analysis

Manage fragmentation from blast to mill with technologically advanced image-analysis techniques.

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Variability in blast fragmentation significantly affects downstream processes, such as mining, crushing and milling. Hexagon’s integrated fragmentation analysis solution can help you manage rock size, minimise variability and increase profitability.


Optimising fragmentation

Mining promises few guarantees, but reduced ore yield is a certainty if errors are made at any stage of the complex drill and blast process. The potential for wasted energy, time and opportunity costs business more now in an age of declining grades when miners are digging more earth for less ore. 

Efforts targeted at optimising the blasting process can pay dividends downstream, reducing costs and energy consumption.

Effective blast design can optimise fragmentation from the run of mine (ROM) ore muck pile to improve productivity and increase site profits through digging, loading, crushing and grinding.

A measure of particle size distribution at each unit operation in the comminution cycle allows engineers to manage blast design more efficiently. They produces fragmentation in the ROM ore most suitable to optimise downstream unit processes to improve mine site productivity and profits.

Hexagon’s real-time fragmentation analysis solution optimises energy factors for each blast.

Aerial view of open pit mining operation


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