Inside the Heavy Industry Factory

Quoting and Planning

In the realm of manufacturing, success is nurtured long before the first machine hums to life. It's shaped in the initial stages of quoting and planning, where the harmonisation of technology and strategic insight paves the way for excellence. Equipped with technology to assess customer requirements, your machine shop can bid adieu to guesswork and welcome a new era of precision driven by data. This extends beyond numbers; it's the methodical craft of securing agreements that resonate with clients and bolster profitability.

Within the fabric of manufacturing, time functions as the lever of achievement. Your machine shop gains potency through strategic planning, orchestrating each element with enhanced efficiency. The dance of resource allocation, synchronized machine schedules, and seamless work order tracking orchestrates a rhythm in your operations, capable of adapting to shifting demands and unaffected by interruptions. Each moment optimised contributes to greater profitability, casting a spotlight on your shop's reputation as a bastion of operational excellence.

Hexagon offers solutions through our partner ecosystem to help machine shops overcome challenges in these stages of their workflow – explore some of these below: