Lifecycle management of major incidents and events

Coordinate, communicate and adapt to rapidly changing events.

Emergency management solutions in action in Germany

German police manage security for G7 summit

At a G7 summit, Bavarian and German federal police deployed a major event management solution to coordinate response.

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The complexity of large-scale incidents and events creates information and management needs that go far beyond those of day-to-day operations. Our solutions help organisations share current, reliable information, communicate clearly and adapt to rapidly changing situations.


While public safety agencies must manage daily incidents, they also play a leading role in planning and preparing for, responding to and recovering from major incidents and events. However, these situations are too large and complex to be treated as traditional calls for service.

Hexagon’s emergency management solution provides a unified system for all agencies, needs and stages of operation during major incidents and events. It supports multiple agency processes and workflows and delivers information quickly and efficiently, helping teams maintain control, even in rapidly changing situations.

Our solution harnesses the collective capabilities of diverse responders and provides a single source of information through the entire event lifecycle for safe, efficient and effective operations.

Multiple agencies work together during major incidents.

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