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Expansive database of consistent, high-resolution aerial imagery, elevation data, 3D models and analytics.

A powerful tool to understand our world

Our aerial data helps address today’s most challenging problems, from public health planning and climate response to asset management and risk mitigation. Combined with artificial intelligence (AI), you can unlock deeper insights via feature extraction, object detection and more.

Our large-area coverage, consistency and flexible use terms make our data ideal for AI and machine learning projects.

Building aerial data solutions from the ground up

Hexagon designs and integrates airborne sensors, schedules and flies missions, as well as processes the data using optimised software to the highest levels of photogrammetric and radiometric quality. We control the entire workflow to ensure excellence at every stage.

Consistent, reliable data capture

We collect our aerial data in the same season using flexible flight plans to minimise negative effects. Consistent refresh cycles allow you to plan and budget in advance.

High quality and attention to detail

Our data is captured using high-performance sensors and processed using ground control and rigorous QA/QC routines that emphasise data accuracy and clarity.

Comprehensive aerial data solutions

As the world's largest aerial data provider, we offer a full stack of high-resolution 2D and 3D data sets to enable you to make well-informed decisions.

Multiple delivery and consumption models

Integrate data into your existing GIS and enterprise platforms using standard mapping APIs. Get on-demand access to new collects as they're uploaded to the cloud.

Explore our high-quality aerial data products

We offer a full stack of aerial data products to support your project. Select from our standardised data products or contact us to discuss custom solutions that may suit your unique needs.