Generative design

Use generative design to instantly create lightweight, optimised designs.

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With time to market key to commercial success, the ability to quickly generate design alternatives from a single idea can offer a competitive advantage. Hexagon’s technology enables engineers to select the design that best fits their needs from multiple great alternatives.

The smarter way to design

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Smart generative design

With consumer demand driving ever-increasing pressure to deliver products to market faster, generative design has become an essential product development tool. This technology uses intelligent software to autonomously generate multiple design alternatives based on a set of input parameters. Design engineers use it to rapidly develop and iterate product designs based on the constraints of the brief.

This method empowers engineers to make better decisions earlier in the product development cycle. By generating multiple design variations and then selecting and refining the best options rather than developing the first feasible idea, engineers can take time out of the product development process and ensure that only the best designs are progressed to prototyping, testing and eventually production.

Multiple stages of design with MSC Apex Generative Design software

Design as nature does

What if we could optimise products as nature does without years of evolution?  With Hexagon’s solutions, optimisation is easy as a breeze and lightning fast. The software’s high degree of automation frees the engineer from routine work and gives scope for concept and creativity. 

Based on finite element analysis but utilising a very fine mesh with well-defined elements rather than the more traditional density field, our solutions can directly evaluate the occurring stresses, as well as reliably derive distinct geometries that are truly unimaginable by the human mind. 

  • Simplicity: No expert knowledge is required to conduct optimisations in this highly user-focused software 
  • Automated design: Almost automatically generate multiple smoothed design candidates that all satisfy the design criteria while minimising weight 
  • Direct output: Export geometry can be directly manufactured and used immediately without manual rework


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