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Our 5D BIM technology helps to create accurate budgets and forecasts, track construction progress in real time and compare cost versus actuals throughout the duration of the project. For project stakeholders, this visibility provides more predictability and control, helping reduce budget overruns.

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Hexagon’s 4D, 5D BIM and completions solutions empower project owners and decision makers to take informed planning decisions, visualise changes to budget, forecast, and schedule in real-time, optimising visibility, predictability, and control. This constant, real-time digital thread of information allows stakeholders to evaluate changing conditions and make better informed decisions.

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Estimating material requirements, including type and quantity, is a critical step in the planning process of any building project. Hexagon’s data-centric approach to model-based quantity takeoff (QTO) improves this process by using data from the model and quantification recipes to precisely calculate the amount of material needed, enabling 3D QTO to be done more efficiently, quickly and accurately.

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Hexagon’s unique approach uses 4D BIM workflows to create precise, efficient plans based on 3D BIM design. Through smart 4D mapping capabilities, the project schedule is automatically linked to the 3D model. This integration enables alignment of work packages with model elements for efficient creation of work steps, assignment of resources and overall better planning.

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Cost-efficient, production-lean practices such as pull planning are possible in a digital environment that connects teams in the office, job site trailer, and field through a common, connected platform. By using smart 4D mapping that ties the schedule to the model for real-time, planned and past visualisations, Hexagon enables full transparency of schedule changes and task assignments across all project teams, ensuring projects remain on-time and on-budget.

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Hexagon addresses this chronic problem through our 5D cost monitoring technology that revolutionises construction management by connecting a project schedule and budget to the BIM. Our unique 5D BIM approach, combining the model, schedule and budget in a single management platform, gives stakeholders insight from all angles to improve production planning and accuracy.

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