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HxGN Smart Build Project Controls offers the capability to support cost control, budgeting and forecasting, change management, and 5D visualisations to help reign in and manage project costs, allowing you to focus on the overall project and portfolio performance.

How 5D BIM is Creating Better Outcomes on Construction

5D BIM is a five-dimensional way of showing the physical and functional aspects of any project.

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Visualise Project Performance

Visualise and color code the linkage between cost and schedule with data from Smart 5D mapping.

Manage commitments and actuals

Track actual costs and hours against planned budgets and commitments to identify any potential overruns, while enabling earned value analysis by measuring actual costs against planned costs.

Planning budget and estimating costs

Visualise and color code the linkage between cost and schedule, while easily updating the project S-curve with recent data with Smart 5D mapping. It provides real-time visibility into project planned versus actual costs.

Project performance

Manage reliable budgets based on model quantities and schedule while developing time-phased baselines as benchmarks for performance measurement. Using both automated and manual forecasting methods produce an accurate, and timeline estimate to complete.

"We are excited to partner with Hexagon to work together toward Skanska’s vision of a new level of construction, where we will move toward an integrated construction process.”

Per-Olva Svahn
Regional Manager
Skanska Sweden

Building Better with 5D BIM

With fully implemented 5D BIM solution monitor schedule progress, increase stakeholder trust, manage supply chain integrity.

Hexagon's Solutions for Buildings

Hexagon’s building technology leverages the most powerful use of data available for the buildings ecosystem.


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