AI-driven optimisation

Take action with AI-driven optimisation

Hexagon's AI optimisation feature is being used in an automated bottling line.

Bridge the skilled labour gap

Identify root causes and prescribe real-time, corrective actions using predictive, prescriptive and AI-driven optimisation.

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Nexus Connected Worker AI-driven technology optimises and enriches data in context to prepare organisations for machine learning. We drive beyond the scope of human insight to empower and accelerate autonomous operations.


Nexus Connected Worker AI-driven applications propel organisations forward by unlocking the power of data through added intelligence in order to optimise processes.

  • We collect and enrich data from multiple, disparate sources.
  • We empower predictive analytics by ensuring both IoT data and human data are accurate and specific enough to yield key insights.
  • We enhance product quality by leveraging AI-powered predictive, prescriptive and corrective actions.
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