SmartScan VR800

Get the full picture | Focus on what matters

Get the full picture | Focus on what matters

The structured light scanner designed for workflow efficiency, built on optical zoom projection and dual stereo cameras.

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The unique software functions that power the VR800

SmartScan VR800 - Smart Resolution

The VR800 Smart Resolution function allows the user to change the data resolution while maintaining a constant measurement volume.

The user can switch in software between six different settings and combine data in a single project.

Three resolution options are available for each pair of cameras (5, 12 and 20 MP), delivering an X,Y resolution range of between 238 and 49 microns.

SmartScan VR800 - Smart Zoom

The VR800 Smart Zoom function allows the user to adjust the measurement volume and resolution of the scanner while maintaining 5 million data points for high-speed processing.

There are six measurement volume options – three for each camera pair. The largest has a diagonal of 800 millimetres, the smallest 160 millimetres – changing between them delivers an X,Y resolution improvement from 238 to 49 microns.

SmartScan VR800 - Smart Snap

The VR800 Smart Snap function puts the multi-camera setup to work in a different way that uses all four digital camera units to simultaneously collect both scan and orientation data. Target positions placed outside of the 3D scan area are snapped with support of an LED flash and used for orientation of the 3D scan data collected by the inner camera pair.

This combination significantly reduces the number of targets required, increases the target measurement volume and at the same time speeds up the whole scanning workflow.

SmartScan VR800 structured light scanner system

Features and benefits

Focused measurement
Multi-camera processing allows for near-simultaneous measurement data and part orientation capture with Smart Snap, massively reducing data weight and processing times when merging scans.

Variable resolution
Vary the measurement area and resolution of each camera pair in a matter of seconds thanks to the digital projector’s mechcanical zoom lens.

Robust construction
Custom carbon fibre frame delivers unmatched measurement stability and reliable results in shop floor conditions.

Smart workflows
Change the data resolution across a constant measurement volume with Smart Resolution to get more detail where it matters most.Adapt measurement volume and resolution while maintaining 5 million data points with Smart Zoom ensure high-speed data processing.

Ergonomic design
Compact design protects optics while embedded controller and convenient handle allow for easy repositioning.

Best-in-class accuracy
SmartScan VR800 offers unmatched accuracy values in its class. Each scanner passes our acceptance test based on VDI/VDE2634 Part 3 before delivered to the customer.

Quick setup
Fast warm-up, integrated controller, no interchangeable lenses and a single-position calibration check process make it simple to get right into measurement.

Multi-camera setup
Dual stereo camera setup with four 20 MP cameras end the hassle of changing lenses for different resolutions and fields of view.

Automation ready
Ready for fully automated robotic inspection thanks to rigid design and high-speed measurement.

Photogrammetry add-on
Combine the scanner with a DPA add-on camera system to extend the measurement volume for the measurement of larger parts.

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