PROFILER R Tactile Roughness Sensor

Tactile sensor for roughness measurement on CMMs


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Enabling quick and easy inspections of surface profile within a regular coordinate measuring machine (CMM) program, the PROFILER R miniature roughness sensor offers a more accurate alternative to manual roughness measurements.

Measuring all common roughness parameters, the PROFILER R can be automatically swapped on to several different scanning sensors, adding surface profile inspection to the program without the need for reclamping.

The PROFILER R is a miniature roughness sensor which provides a tactile surface inspection method for Leitz CMMs. Adding more measurement capabilities to the typical measurements and evaluations of the machine, it allows profile inspection to become a standard part of the quality setup, ensuring all the relevant parameters of a workpiece can be checked. Transport and changeover times are reduced, enabling a much more efficient process for quality assurance.

Designed to measure alongside a range of scanning sensors, the PROFILER R has its own clamping system. The unique integration method allows tool exchanges be made automatically using a standard tool changer, and enables very high positioning accuracy and controlled probing without the risk of errors or operator variability associated with manual roughness measurement devices.

With the ability to rotate through 360° and pivot by 180° the PROFILER R offers maximum flexibility and accessibility. After the support adaptor touches the workpiece, the measuring stylus is extended and moves along the surface to collect the measurement data, while the PROFILER R itself remains still throughout the measurement.

  • Features & Benefits
    Automatic sensor exchange
    Complementing existing scanning sensors for CMMs, the PROFILER R can be automatically swapped on to a probe head to measure in the same program, reducing transport and setup times and increasing efficiency.

    Integrated rotary and pivoting axis
    With a measurement length of up to 15 mm and the ability to rotate through 360° and pivot by 180°, the PROFILER R makes programming simple and maximises part accessibility for reduced operator workload.

    Extremely high positioning accuracy
    The PROFILER R's integration with the probe head provides excellent accuracy of positioning, minimising the margin for error compared to manual profiling and rendering additional tools unnecessary.

    Wireless operation
    Powered by the probe head for simple exchanges, the PROFILER's wireless data transmission increases its flexibility as a measurement tool.

    One report for all results
    The PROFILER R is optimised for use with the QUINDOS roughness module, and results can be reconciled directly with measurements taken by other sensors within the same program to generate one report for all the results.

    Analysis to industry standards
    Supporting all common roughness parameters to DIN EN ISO 4287 and DIN EN ISO 13565 standards, including arithmetical mean roughness value (Ra), average roughness profile height (Rz) and the mean width of profile elements (RSm), the PROFILER R integrates seamlessly into a quality assurance setup.

  • Technical Data
     Measuring principle  Contact profile method (Reference area system)
     Measuring section  Max. 15 mm
     Stylus radius  2 μm (5 μm available on request)
     Stylus elbow  90°
     Filter  Gauss*
     Integrated axis  Rotating: 360°
     Pivoting: 180°
     Weight  630 g
     Software  QUINDOS
     Evaluation standards  According to ISO 4287 / 13565
     Roughness parameters
    (Stylus radius 2 µm)
     Rz, Rt: Up to 10 µm
     Ra: 50 nm up to 2 µm
    * Others available on request
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