Production Execution and Traceability

Hexagon's IoT solution for production execution and traceability enables manufacturing operators to work successfully to more meaningful KPIs.

A factory with a production line consisting of robotic arms

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Hexagon’s Production Execution and Traceability solution enables the collection of production-related data from various sources like machines, operators and IT systems. Value streams are represented digitally, identifying issues that can be corrected as soon as any part of production trends away from an optimal state. All relevant information is collected and displayed on dashboards instantly. Workflow and data validation processes ensure that operators adhere to standard operating practices, enabling leadership to make better decisions. 

The Production Execution and Traceability solution offers a step-change in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by targeting improvement to key metrics such as on-time delivery and profitability. The application provides control of each constraint in the value stream, converging sources of information to remove obstacles and empower the workforce for consistent efficiency. 

Convergence of IT/OT and people with advanced performance metrics 

Production Execution and Traceability is configured to adapt to the most nuanced differences of a manufacturer’s machinery, people and specific processes. Instead of requiring manufacturers to invest heavily and change their established processes, the app enables simple and effective configuration within each module to seamless integrate with existing workflows. 

Although OEE is the high-level metric, this solution also enables manufacturers to break each part of production into small, addressable metrics such as yield, productivity and availability, which can be very successfully addressed as individual outcomes. 
  • Features & benefits
    • Record and report exactly what is happening on your shop floor without paper, Excel and other time-consuming, manual processes 
    • Empower your workforce and control your value stream by removing obstacles for consistent efficiency 
    • Accurately monitor performance, quality and availability to precisely measure overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) 
    • Gain deep insights into the data required to inform the right people 
    • Know if production is winning or losing at any given time 
    • See performance at every level of the business to gain the visibility you need to drive continuous improvement 
    • Move away from manual data mining and paper reports, and embrace digital operations

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