QUINDOS 2021.2

QUINDOS expands its core and offers a sophisticated new HTA Solution


QUINDOS 2021.2 is the latest release of Hexagon’s world-leading analysis tool, which combines the metrological core competencies of the aerospace, energy, automotive, and engineering industries.

QUINDOS is a trusted partner due to its backward compatibility and provides a range of options developed for projects in an industrial setting. The core offers a comprehensive range of functions to realise metrological solutions for standard geometries and complex tasks.

QUINDOS extends its basic functionalities in the area of GD&T and supports with version 2021.1 the latest Leitz measuring device PMM Gold and offers new reverse engineering functionalities.

QUINDOS 2021.2 contains the following new functionalities for the QUINDOS Basic:

  • The determination of the extracted median surface and median line acc. ISO 17450-3:2016 and ISO 1101:2017.
  • The evaluation of the form, the orientation and runout acc. ASME Y14.5:2009.
  • New form plots with completely renewed design for the graphical form evaluation acc. ISO 1101 and the new integrated ASME 14.5:2009.
  • New integrated reverse engineering feature for standard geometries.
  • Support of the PMM Gold with the multisensory technology SENMATION SX for tactile and optical measurement on highly accurate small components.
  • For the optical measurement of the special geometry blisk, a new QUINDOS option is provided - QUINDOS Bladed Rotor - which provides the programming for non-contact measurement of the axial profile sections with the latest technologies.

Click on “Features & benefits” for more information on key new functionality and improvements.

QUINDOS 2021.2 also includes various improvements and fixes for the core and individual QUINDOS modules.

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  • Features & benefits
    New commands for GD&T
    QUINDOS extends the spectrum around ISO 1101. The determination of the median plane from two opposing planes and the axis calculation for cylinders and cones are available from now on, according with the standards ISO 17450-3:2016 and ISO 1101:2017. The calculation is performed directly on the basis of the captured points. Operation is via comfortable dialogues and offers the possibility to adjust the evaluation areas and provides additional output options.

    QUINDOS supports the ASME Y14.5:2009

    From now on, QUINDOS offers form and position tolerancing according to ASME Y14.5:2009. The dialogue-guided operation is based on the given GD&T evaluations of ISO 1101. It thus offers a quick introduction to the process and handling. The graphic evaluation of the form tolerancing is also supported.

    For the form, QUINDOS offers the evaluation of cylindricity, flatness, roundness and straightness. The evaluation of the orientation is covered by new commands for angularity, parallelism and perpendicularity. The new evaluation package is completed by the circular run-out and the total run-out.

    Graphic evaluation - new form plots on board
    With the new release, completely revised graphical reports are available for form evaluation according to ISO 1101 and ASME Y 14.5. QUINDOS has integrated a completely unified layout with a clear structure. For the representation of the cylinder form, QUINDOS uses a new graphical visualisation with predefined profiles based on weather maps and spike representations. The operation is intuitive and focuses on the essentials.

    New Hardware available – QUINDOS supports the recently released Leitz PMM Gold

    QUINDOS 2021.2 and the Leitz PMM Gold is a combination ready to cover applications with the highest accuracy. The release includes the machine specific SENMATION SX variant and paves the way for multisensory applications with special requirements for tactile and optical measurement.

    A new add-on for the QUINDOS core - Reverse engineering for standard geometries

    The basic package now contains reverse engineering functionalities with which new CAD models can be built or existing CAD models can be extended with basic functionalities. CAD geometries of planes, cylinders, cones and spheres and spherical half-shells can be designed from generated or measured points. New or modified models can be exported.

    This feature ensures advanced access to CAD functionalities - such as graphical evaluation and simple and advanced CAD-based generation methods.
    New module – QUINDOS Bladed Rotor


    New module – QUINDOS Bladed Rotor

    The Bladed Rotor provides a simple programming process to inspect blades in an efficient and confident manner. It includes CAD-based generation of collision-free rotary table angles for existing 3-axis motion paths. The module has automatic probe calibration and supports automated non-contact measurement of airfoil sections with the Leitz Reference HP HTA Solution.

    The module can only be used in conjunction with the HTA Solution Leitz Reference HP. The technologies of the option are matched to the available hardware of the HTA Solution Leitz Reference HP.

    For the analysis, for example, the QUINDOS Blade Ultimate option is recommended.

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  • Technical data

    Operating System

    QUINDOS 2021.2 runs on 64-bit Windows® 10.

    The minimum requirement is Windows® 10 Version 2004.

    The recommended version is Windows® 10 Version 20H2.

    Microsoft .NET Framework.

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 for Windows is required.
    The QUINDOS installer will install it for you.

    We recommend the following hardware configuration when using the QUINDOS software package including CAD options and when using QUINDOS with the QUINDOS Reshaper option or the I++Simulator software package:

    • Processor: Intel® Xeon® Processor W-2225 (4 Cores, 4,1 GHz, 4,6 GHz Turbo, HT, 8,25 MB (105W) DDR4-2933).
    • RAM: 32 G B (4x8GB DDR4 2933MHz RDIMM ECC Memory).
    • Monitor: Recommended: 2 x 24 inch HD monitors with resolution 1920 x 1080.
    We recommend a second TFT-Monitor when using CAD functionalities and when using QUINDOS with the QUINDOS Reshaper option or the environment I++Simulator.
    A second network interface card is required for the machine communication.

    Please check whether or not a serial interface is required for connecting to your measuring device. This may be the case on older measuring machines.

    Please also note the information in the Release Notes of the QUINDOS Release Version 2021.2.

    The latest I++Simulator Release Version 2021.1 is recommended.

    The 3DReshaper version Meteor 2018 MR1 ( is recommended when using the QUINDOS Reshaper module.

    SMA (Software Maintenance Agreement)
    We recommend purchasing a current Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) in order to avail of the newest QUINDOS functions and latest updates.

    Please note, a valid software license agreement is required to use this version.

    QUINDOS 2021.2 can be used with a valid SMA contract dates from (and including) 31.12.2020.

    The SMA end date is checked during the installation process.

    QUINDOS 2021.2 contains numerous improvements and fixes in the basic package and individual QUINDOS modules. Contact your local Hexagon branch or dealer for further information.

    The SMA also enables ongoing access to technical Support and Service.


  • Downloads
    Download QUINDOS

    QUINDOS Release Notes 2021.2


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