What’s new in QUINDOS 2024.1

New Automatic Feature Recognition feature, an updated Camshaft Module and extended integration with Nexus Metrology Reporting

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QUINDOS 2024.1 is the latest release of Hexagon’s leading metrology software for special geometries. New features include a new Automatic Feature Recognition module and a Camshaft Module update including support for Rotary Table Measurement. Plus extended functionality for Metrology Reporting on Nexus. All this and much more in QUINDOS 2024.1.

Used for powertrains in aerospace, energy, automotive, and engineering industries. QUINDOS’ structured programming tools enable quality professionals to build highly accurate inspection routines on a range of CMMs.

Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) Module

AFR automatically recognises smaller identical assemblies of parts based on their 3D model geometric description and then categorises them into groups.

This type of CAD automation - known from design software - is now implemented in QUINDOS for metrology tasks to drastically reduce preparation time for inspection.

Many CAD models contain recurring small assemblies consisting of standard geometries, such as drill holes, reversible cutting plates, slots, etc. These can be found in different versions in one component or in the customer's component portfolio.

With the help of the new AFR module, the user can build up a library for the search and simple processing of such complex features and simplify their daily inspection planning.

Camshaft Module update and new Rotary Table Measurement feature

Camshaft and Unknown Camshaft QUINDOS options have been updated. The UI appears in the new standard QUINDOS special geometry layout and the commands can now be controlled quickly and conveniently via the QUINDOS ribbon.

Measurements can be made even faster using the new Rotary Table Measurement feature. Generating the measurement programmes is just as easy as for horizontal measurement - Parameterised and automated based on camshaft data.

A complete measurement programme for Camshafts can be created in just a few clicks – open or closed loop scanning or single point.

QUINDOS & Hexagon Metrology Reporting - Extended functionality

Closer integration with Hexagon Metrology Reporting streamlines data uploads and provides greater control. The new QUINDOS to Metrology Reporting Uploader enables direct access to the Nexus Metrology Reporting app. With a single login, customers can now connect directly to Metrology Reporting using their Nexus account.

Sending the measurement results, report and other data files from the QUINDOS inspection plan is done with one simple command. From now on, all measurement results can be visualized on the 3D model in CAD-based inspection plans.

QUINDOS 2024.1 offers other new features and improvements, including:

QUINDOS Gear Data Exchange - Update

The current version 3.3 has been integrated for end-to-end data exchange in gear production with GDE acc. VDI 2610.

  • Technical data

    Operating System

    This version of QUINDOS is supported on the following operating system.

    • Windows® 10, (64 Bit) Pro, at least Version 22H2, recommended version is 22H2
    • Windows® 11 Pro, at least Version 22H2.

    Microsoft .NET Framework

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 for Windows is required.
    The QUINDOS installer will install it for you.


    PC Requirements


    • CPU: Intel® Xeon® W-2445 Processor (26.25 MB Cache, 3.1 GHz to 4.6 GHz Turbo)**
    • Graphics card: NVIDIA® RTXTM A4000
    • RAM: 64 GB (4 x 16 GB) incl. ECC memory */**

    * No RAM as single modules. Mainboard has to support at least dual channel to support read/write simultaneously on 2 or more RAM modules.
    ** ECC: Error Correction Code.

    SMA (Software Maintenance Agreement)

    We recommend purchasing a current Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) to enjoy access to the newest QUINDOS functions and latest updates.

    Please note, a valid software license agreement is required to use this version.

    2024.1 can be used with a valid SMA contract dates from (and including) 31 June 2024.

    The SMA end date is checked during the installation process.

    QUINDOS 2024.1 contains numerous improvements and fixes in the basic package and individual QUINDOS modules. Contact your local Hexagon branch or dealer for further information.

    The SMA also enables ongoing access to technical Support and Service.

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    Download QUINDOS
    QUINDOS Release Notes 2024.1

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