What’s new in QUINDOS 2022.1

QUINDOS looks sharp with a major UI upgrade and an extended Lens Module

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QUINDOS 2022.1

QUINDOS 2022.1 is the latest release of Hexagon’s world-leading metrology software for special geometries used for powertrains in aerospace, energy, automotive, and engineering industries.

QUINDOS is a trusted partner due to its backward compatibility and provides an extensive range of modules developed for complex projects. Trusted by leading manufacturers for its versatility and flexibility, QUINDOS’ structured programming tools enable quality professionals to build highly accurate inspection routines on a range of UHA CMMs.

New: Major UI update delivers an enhanced user experience for QUINDOS users

The latest QUINDOS release delivers a major upgrade to the user interface. With dark and light theme options to choose from, the updated UI harmonises the look and feel with Hexagon’ extensive portfolio of Metrology and Production applications. The user experience will feel familiar to anyone used to working with Hexagon’s software. It not only looks great, but it’s also much more intuitive. The user experience has been overhauled to simplify programming of complex measurement routines. An integrated control panel guides the user through common tasks and requests inputs where necessary to reduce set up and programming time. The new UI update includes:

  • Optimised database view with dynamic placement of tabbed pages
  • Choose from Light or Dark colour schemes
  • New sort order options for database objects
  • Integration of icons for database object types can be switched on/off
  • Track executed program and procedures in detail
  • Advanced search function for large databases

New: QUINDOS Asphere & Symmetrical Lenses module now available

QUINDOS also expands its Lense analysis capabilities to include Symmetrical Lenses. The updated option now covers all rotationally symmetrical lenses. Measurements are carried out using centred scans similar to a spiderweb, thus ensuring efficient measurement of the lens. The scope of the measurement – both the area on the lens and the number of scans – can be configured in the dialogue, designed in the same familiar style as the QUINDOS layout for special geometries. A new integrated user guide has also been added to help users configure new routines quickly.

New: Pitch Calibration Module

For gear applications requiring the highest accuracy, the new Pitch Calibration Module can be used to determine the pitch error of gears, the rotary table and the coordinate measuring machine. The result is improved measurement uncertainty of the pitch measurement of cylindrical gears. 

New: Support for new HP-OW sensors

Available for use with Hexagon’s Leitz CMMs, the new Non-Contact Chromatic HP-OW White Light sensors are designed for high-precision inspection of applications made from transparent materials such as glass and plastic. Thanks to the new integration, QUINDOS can now inspect contactless in a wider range of fields with the highest precision. The HP-OW sensors perform with the Articulating Probe Head HH-AS8-OWT2.5 which allows for 12.240 indexable positions.

QUINDOS software shown on desktop device 

New: QUINDOS now integrated with HxGN Metrology Reporting

The new connectivity allows QUINDOS users to enjoy the benefits of centralised reporting and gain insights into part status. HxGN Metrology Reporting is cloud-based, fits in easily with production workflows and can be accessed anywhere. Measurement reports, evaluations and information from the QUINDOS inspection plan are now available through HxGN Metrology Reporting. In addition to the measurement reports and plots in PDF format, additional data can be easily transferred in the form of CSV and TXT files.


Find out more about HxGN Metrology Reporting here.

QUINDOS 2022.1 also includes various improvements and fixes for the core and individual QUINDOS modules.

Click on “Features & Benefits” for more information on key new functionality and improvements. 

  • Features & benefits

    QUINDOS CMM Test – ISO 10360

    QUINDOS CMM Test - ISO 10360 provides the new DIN EN ISO 10360-5:2020-11 for the acceptance test.

    • The DIN EN ISO 10360-5:2020-11 replaces the standards DIN EN ISO 10360-4:2003-06 (Acceptance test and reverification tests for coordinate measuring machines (CMM) - Part 4: CMMs used in scanning mode) and DIN EN ISO 10360-5:2011-01 (Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuring machines (CMM) - Part 5: CMMs using single and multiple stylus contacting probing systems).

    New plot for curve evaluation available

    With version 2022.1 new form plots were integrated. These are now supplemented by the new curve plot.

    It has the same harmonized layout incl. handling and information output. Information of the performed best fit can be provided optionally.

    New K-Chart evaluation for QUINDOS Gear

    The Pratt & Withney K-Chart evaluation scc. standard DCS 209 is supported with the module for cylindrical gearing. The K-Chart tangents to the trace inside a defined reference zone instead of the whole trace.

    Additional colouring on the plot shows out of upper or lower tolerance.

    New functionality for inspection planning with PMIs

    For Feature ‘Converting drawing information to PMIs via OCR’

    • Edit the position tolerance modifier and datum data in the value table
    • Support for reading and generating dimension tolerances as PMIs
    • Zooming and reset in the drawing has been simplified according to user requirements

    Features user-defined PMIs for fast interactive automated programming of the inspection plan:

    • Create QUINDOS PMIs for multiple cylinders and multiple planes
    • Tolerance zone Ø and SØ is now supported
  • Technical data

    Operating System

    QUINDOS 2022.1 runs on 64-bit Windows® 10.

    The minimum requirement is Windows® 10 Version 1909.

    The recommended version is Windows® 10 Version 2004.

    Microsoft .NET Framework

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1 for Windows is required. The QUINDOS installer will install it for you.


    We recommend the following hardware configuration when using the QUINDOS software package including CAD options and when using QUINDOS with the QUINDOS Reshaper option or the I++Simulator software package:

    • Processor: Intel® Xeon® W-2125 4,0 GHz, 4,5 GHz Turbo, 4-Core, 8,25 MB Cache
    • RAM: 32 GB DDR4-RDIMM (4 x 8 GB), 2.666 MHz
    • Graphics card: Nvidia Quadro RTX4000, 8 GB, 3DP, VirtualLink
    • Hard drive: 1 x 256 GB SSD HD, 1 x 2 TB SATA HD
    • Monitor: 24 inch (monitor resolution 1920 x 1200)

    We recommend a second TFT-Monitor when using CAD functionalities and when using QUINDOS with the QUINDOS Reshaper option or the environment I++Simulator.

    A second network interface card is required for communication with the measuring machine.

    Please check whether or not a serial interface is required for connecting to your measuring device. This may be the case on older measuring machines.

    Please also note the information in the Release Notes of the QUINDOS Release Version 2022.1.

    SMA (Software Maintenance Agreement)

    We recommend purchasing a current Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) in order to avail of the newest QUINDOS functions and latest updates.

    Please note, a valid software license agreement is required to use this version.

    2022.1 can be used with a valid SMA contract dates from (and including) 30 June 2020.

    The SMA end date is checked during the installation process.

    QUINDOS 2022.1 contains numerous improvements and fixes in the basic package and individual QUINDOS modules. Contact your local Hexagon branch or dealer for further information.

    The SMA also enables ongoing access to technical Support and Service.

  • Downloads
    Download QUINDOS
    QUINDOS Release Notes 2022.1

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