PC-DMIS for portable arms

Bringing Metrology to the Shop Floor.

PCDMIS portable arm

Portable measurement devices have changed the way you monitor your operations, making it possible to take measurements and analyze the results where parts are made and assembled. PC-DMIS Portable provides the tools you need to more effectively monitor operations and identify minor issues before they turn into costly problems. It is a precise adaptation of PC-DMIS that strips away unneeded functionality without compromising capabilities.

PC-DMIS Portable features a quick start GUI that makes it easy for non-CMM experts to get the most from their equipment. It easily measures complex, contoured parts since its roots are in the automotive and aerospace industries. Its suite of algorithms aides in aligning complex parts using best-fit and iterative techniques. Its CAD++ option includes an unmatched library of sheetmetal measurement routines.

A wide range of scanning techniques and devices are supported, using both predefined and free form scans, ranging from simple hard probes to sophisticated laser scanners.

PC-DMIS Portable also lets you measure in any order without having to worry about the part program. This eliminates unnecessary movement and wasted efforts. The software keeps track of what has been measured and what hasn't and it only evaluates features and dimensions when all of the information is available.

  • Features & benefits
    • Quick Start GUI - Programmers and operators can make full use of their machine's most frequently used capabilities without being overwhelmed with detail. But there is no loss of function. When they are needed, PC-DMIS's full capabilities are only a couple of mouse clicks away.
    • Any-order Measure™ - This powerful innovation lets operators probe parts in the most convenient and efficient order without having to follow the steps of an inspection program. The software keeps track of what has been measured and only evaluates dimensions when all of the necessary information is available.
    • Aligning contoured parts - PC-DMIS Portable makes short work of aligning the most complex parts. The optional CAD++ configuration includes a range of algorithms for best fit and iterative alignments.
    • Cues for Measurement - Besides prompting users with text and graphics, the software provides a combination of dynamic audio and visual cues to guide them through the measurement process. It's possible to configure the system so that it produces a signal of increasing pitch and intensity as it approaches a feature of interest while at the same time zooming in on a graphical representation of the feature.
  • Downloads
    PC-DMIS brochure
  • Applications
    Case Study Rhode & Schwarz - Teisnach
    Case Study CEHIPAR - Madrid
    Case Study Hellgeth - Wurzbach-Rodacherbrunn
    Case Study Krayer - Langenargen

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