PC-DMIS for Laser Trackers

Bringing metrology to the Shop Floor

PCDMIS laser tracker
PC-DMIS for laser trackers allows you to use one software suite for all Hexagon Measurement devices and virtually any 3rd party sensor. This provides you with the same look and feel across all your inspection solutions, drastically decreasing training costs and making use of your inspection specialists in a much more flexible way.

PC-DMIS Portable is tailored to operate portable devices in the smoothest and most efficient way. The ability to use large icons, show large coordinate windows, use remote control devices and sound events make it perfect for one operator to tackle large scale objects.

PC-DMIS Portable is offered as PC-DMIS Pro, which is a full featured metrology software and the perfect choice for non-CAD applications, and PC-DMIS CAD++ which extends the range of applications to any CAD related measurement task.

  • Features & benefits
    Unique tracker interface
    • Predefined toolbars give access to the most important settings, operational and measuring functionalities and allow customizing individual settings.
    • The tracker status bar for instant feedback about
      - the overall system condition
      - active probes and stations
      - any environmental parameters (temperature, pressure and humidity).
    • Significant reduction of operator errors through:
      - RMS quality check
      - Automatic probe file
    • Smooth integration of Leica Geosystems' versatile range of accessories:
      - MeteoStation
      - Nivel inclination sensor
      - Overview camera
      - Hidden point devices

    Superior CAD performance

    Easily work with even the largest CAD files with an improved graphics engine employing the latest technology.

    Link to CAD bi-directionally using built-in translators for:

    The Direct CAD Translators (DCT) allow translations into and out of the native CAD format for:
    CATIA 4,CATIA 5, Parasolid, Pro-engineer, Unigraphics.

    The Direct CAD Interface (DCI) supports direct operations on CAD models without the need of translating them first. DCI's are available for:
    ACIS, AIMS, CATIA, I-DEAS, Pro-engineer, Solidworks, Unigraphics.

    Manipulate CAD models using tools for mirroring, adding layers, removing, hiding and changing entities and hiding grids.

    Streamlined analysis processes

    • Easily align multiple stations into the common coordinate system. PC-DMIS portable includes the robust and approved Leica Geosystems bundle algorithms
    • Powerful 7 parameter best-fit transformation is supporting overall scale computation, input of weighted coordinates and detailed reporting of overall results and constraints.
    • Build/Inspect against CAD or nominal element in a predefined sequence or use the PC-DMIS Any Order capabilities.
    • Inspect sheet metal parts with guided edge and surface triggers or use auto projection planes and the one point probing assistant to dramatically reduce inspection time (only available with PC-DMIS CAD++)
    • Guess mode – Just measure the points and PC-DMIS will automatically assign the correct feature type

    Easy and simple reporting

    • One touch reporting - Select from a choice of predefined numerical and graphical reports or create your own unique report and label templates.
    • Customized report - Simply drag and drop dimensions from edit window to the customized report and add CAD views, sketches, pictures and many more to the report.

    Full Range of automation levels

    • Integrate fully automatic, unattended inspection routines in DCC mode as fast as never before.
    • Every measurement job completed is already a program that simply can be re-run
    • Fully customize PC-DMIS and even create your own user interface
  • Downloads
    PC-DMIS brochure

    PC-DMIS Portable for Laser Trackers brochure

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