The benefits of multisensor

Application flexibility and measurement cycle efficiency.

OPTIV Dual technology infographic

Multisensor coordinate measuring machines bring the capabilities of different contact and non-contact sensor technologies together within a single machine.

A multisensor system measures the geometric characteristics of the most complex components more completely than is possible on any single-sensor measurement system. When many different parts need to be measured, manufacturers benefit from the availability of sensors ready for varying feature sizes, dimensional tolerances, surface finishes and accuracy requirements.

The best suited sensor for the measurement task at hand is automatically deployed in an automated measurement routine setup for the specific part to be measured, resulting in highly efficient measurement cycles and subsequently improved manufacturing productivity – the fundamental benefits of multisensor metrology systems.

Application flexibility and measurement cycle efficiency

Do more in less time with lower cost:
  • Cut capital and operating expenses by integrating the functions of multiple specialised measuring systems into one machine.
  • Fixture the part once and get all measurements from an automatic measurement cycle with no operator intervention.
  • Increase accuracy by applying the most appropriate sensor technology for the part feature to be measured.
  • Gain operational simplicity with PC-DMIS metrology software that tightly integrates all the sensors and consolidates the data into a single measurement report.

OPTIV multisensor technology

OPTIV Dual consists of three technologies purpose-built for multisensor operations, enabling users to drive productivity by enhancing application flexibility, reducing...