General-purpose 3D multisensor measurement

Discover the typical applications suited to general-purpose multisensor systems.

OPTIV M Vision+ infographic

Typical part and feature characteristics

  • Any material – rigid/deformable, multi-colour, opaque/transparent/reflective
  • Microscopic features
  • 3D elements and dimensional references distributed around the part

Application examples

  • Electric motor laminations
  • Lead frames, electrical contact components, stamping grids
  • Battery foils, membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) for PEM fuel cells
  • Rigid/flexible printed circuits (PCB / FPC)
  • Stamped-bent parts
  • Mating parts from assemblies
  • Extruded profiles
  • Photomasks from semiconductor engineering
  • Gaskets

OPTIV M Vision+

OPTIV M Vision+ provides an all-in-one solution for the multisensor measurement of geometric size features on precision parts of any material and surface finish.