HxGN Underground Mining Drill Optimisation

The HxGN Underground Mining Drill Optimisation Suite empowers mines to safely advance exploration, development and production faster and more economically through unparalleled drilling accuracy.

Hexagon’s solutions specialise in safely improving the efficiency and accuracy of underground hard-rock drilling operations globally. From exploration drilling through to development and production drilling, Hexagon offers the solutions your mine needs to make every drillhole more profitable.

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  • Development Optimiser Product Card Image

    Development Optimiser combines advanced hardware with a digital platform to improve the drilling accuracy to ensure the drilling is as per the design.

  • Production Optimiser Product Card Image

    Production Optimiser reduces collar deviation, delivering superior setup accuracy. This increases the number of holes drilled to achieve optimum blasts and reduce dilution.

  • Azimuth Aligner Product Card Image

    Azimuth Aligner eliminates re-drilling associated with inaccurate set-up, guaranteeing all holes are set-up within tolerance to significantly reduce need for on-site surveyors.