Hexagon Azimuth Aligner™

The Azimuth Aligner replaces conventional drill-rig alignment methods for both surface and underground exploration drilling projects, delivering reduced set-up time, increased drilled metres and more cost-effective drilling overall.

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Main benefits

Reduce Setup Times

The Azimuth Aligner reduces drill rig setup times by up to 90%.

Increased Drilled Metres

Increase productivity and drilled metres per shift by up to 20%.

Optimal Accuracy

The Azimuth Aligner allows operators to setup 100% of holes within tolerance.
Energy Consulting

Powered by CORE™ for superior drilling data

CORE™ (Client Online Reporting Engine) includes digital drill plans and plods that synchronise seamlessly with mine planning software to deliver unmatched data capture and visualisation.

As a secure cloud-based drilling data platform, CORE features digital drill plans and plods that sync seamlessly with existing mine planning software, providing accurate, reliable, and real-time drilling data to mine operators. 


Take control of your drilling data with CORE for Azimuth Aligner.


Hand-Held Interface

The wireless hand-held interface streams live data from the Azimuth Aligner unit; displaying both target and actual Azimuth and dip readings in real time.

Portable & Easy to Install

The Azimuth Aligner unit packs down into a portable carry case so it can be easily deployed across multiple rigs on a site. When using it, just attach the unit to the drill rod and align in five minutes.

Highly Compatible Technology

The Azimuth Aligner is compatible with all mining exploration drill rig makes and models, both surface and underground.

Azimuth Aligner Brochure

For easy access in future, download the Azimuth Aligner PDF brochure.

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Case Study: Swick Mining Services

Download this free case study to find out how the Azimuth Aligner has resolved drill-alignment issues faced by Swick.

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Case Study: Styrud Arctic

Styrud Arctic (SA) is a European drilling contractor working for State-owned LKAB Mining in Sweden. LKAB’s Kiruna mine is the world’s largest underground iron ore mine, located in some of the most challenging conditions on the planet.

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