Hexagon Production Optimiser

The Production Optimiser increases production drilling accuracy and efficiency in underground hard rock mining operations. Through improved accuracy, mining operations experience higher stope turnover, reduced dilution, increased ore recovery and reduced CO2 emissions.

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Main benefits

Reduce Deviation

By improving accuracy at the collar, the Production Optimiser reduces alignment deviation and overall deviation.

Reduce Overbreak & Underbreak

The improved accuracy leads to reduced over and underbreak – resulting in decreased dilution.

Increase Ore Recovery

Greater drilling accuracy according to plans means higher ore recovery volumes and profitability from production drilling.
Energy Consulting

Powered by CORE™ for superior drilling data

CORE (Client Online Reporting Engine) includes digital drill plans and plods that synchronise seamlessly with mine planning software to deliver unmatched data capture and visualisation.

As a secure cloud-based drilling data platform, CORE features digital drill plans and plods that sync seamlessly with existing mine planning software, providing accurate, reliable, and real-time drilling data to mine operators. 


Take control of your drilling data with CORE for Production Optimiser.

Reduce Collar Deviation

The system delivers superior setup accuracy at the collar, reducing blast-hole deviation and substantially increasing the number of holes drilled within tolerance at the toe. The smart collar automatically recalculates holes with obstructed collars.

Achieve Optimum Blasts

From improved accuracy, the system reduces overbreak and underbreak, minimising dilution. This in turn reduces associated operating costs (milling, haulage, secondary drill and blast) while increasing profitability from greater ore recovery.

Reduce CO2 Emissions

The improvement in drilling efficiency reduces CO2 emissions, supporting sustainability goals at mining operations. 

Case Study: Macmahon

Find out how Macmahon experienced an 87% reduction in slashing after implementing the Production Optimiser.

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Case Study: Aeris Resources

Aeris Resources’ Cracow Gold Operations extracted $59M of narrow-vein ore after implementing the Production Optimiser on site.

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