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What if there was a better way to perform structural analysis? MSC Apex with MSC Nastran is a truly end-to-end modelling and analysis solution designed to streamline your workflow from meshing through analysis setup and execution to results. And now you can try it for free with our 30-day trial.

Start with CAD and use the MSC Apex Modeler and direct modelling capabilities to streamline and simplify your meshes in a fraction of the time. Validate FEM models and mesh properties, materials, and boundary conditions without using a separate pre-processor. Submit your analysis to run using MSC Nastran, and choose from a variety of analysis types, including statics, buckling and dynamics. Post-process the results in MSC Apex.

The trial edition of MSC Apex seamlessly integrates with MSC Nastran, streamlining the process of model creation, analysis setup, and execution—all within a unified interface. Avoid the time-consuming method of transitioning between separate pre-processing and post-processing environments. With MSC Apex and MSC Nastran, there’s no more waiting to switch, launch, and then gradually validate your models. Analyse your results in the same user-friendly CAE environment.

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Learn MSC Nastran in MSC Apex, an Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Environment
Immerse yourself in a fun, easy-to-use environment; a game-like experience that is referred to by engineers as ‘addictive’.

Learn FEA with MSC Apex with user-friendly training from our partner Evotech

Make the most of your free trial of MSC Apex by combining it with a full FEA course offered by our partner Evotech. Learn linear or nonlinear finite element analysis using MSC Apex and embedded MSC Nastran solvers. 
  • MSC Apex Modeler

    MSC Apex Modeler is a CAE direct modelling and meshing solution that streamlines CAD clean-up and meshing workflows.

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  • Module

    MSC Apex Structures is a fully-integrated and generative structural analysis solution for engineers and analysts.

    • ×
      Human-Assisted autonomy
      Automated application of physics equations for fully integrated and generative structural analysis
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  • MSC Apex Generative Design software

    MSC Apex Generative Design is an intelligent generative design solution ideal for design for additive manufacturing.

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      Human-Assisted autonomy
      Automated topology optimization and generative design for additive manufactuing
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