Materials Requisition

Hexagon's Material Requisition solution facilitates the request, procurement, and allocation of the right materials to the field on time and at the lowest cost, freeing purchasing agents to do more proactive work and keeping jobs on schedule.

Optimise your material workflows

Digitalize and streamline your material workflows with Hexagon’s Nexus Connected Worker Material Requisition. 

We're excited to announce that Hexagon Xalt Solutions is now Nexus Connected Worker!

Nexus Connected Worker solutions are designed to break down information silos and transform manual processes into efficient digital workflows, ensuring manufacturing excellence and efficiency.

As a single point for material sourcing, cost control and logistics management, Material Requisition reduces errors resulting from manual processes and frees up foremen and project managers for other tasks.

With accurate data on material cost, allocation, usage and more, this powerful application can be used to measure and improve project performance to reduce waste and maximize profit.

Key Features:

  • Transform error-prone data entry and paper processes into precise digital workflows
  • Improves consistency and timeliness of material delivery to the desired location
  • Reduce time spent on administrative work and redundant tasks
  • Enable real-time visibility into all material transactions from any mobile device
  • And more

Construction worker using materials requisition solution on his tablet to track materials' usage.

"When we looked into Materials Requisition, it was truly a platform we could modify to meet our workflows and extend functionality to include mobility…"