Materials Enrich

Reduce time, cost and waste of lengthy and costly experimental testing campaigns

Design engineer viewing Hexagon's Nexus Connect Enrich on a monitor
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Materials Enrich combines material modelling with machine learning technologies to augment material data efficiently and intelligently with accurate predictions.

Accelerate innovation with Materials Informatics

Leveraging material data more effectively, Materials Enrich drives innovation and improves productivity by generating material data through a fast and easy-to-use process. The high-fidelity enrichment process combines our rich expertise in material modelling with the prowess of machine learning technologies to generate accurate predictions and intelligently augment material databases at new conditions, such as temperature, strain rate, moisture content etc.

The streamlined workflow democratizes access to cutting-edge technologies, empowering engineers of all levels. Materials Enrich is part of Nexus, an open platform enabling digital engineering and manufacturing collaboration by connecting people, technologies, and data, accelerating innovation and time to market.

Value & Benefits:

  • Accelerate innovation with augmented databases and enriched material properties
  • Reduce time, cost and waste of lengthy and costly physical experimental tests
  • Increase productivity by delivering faster material information
  • Streamlined workflow with intuitive and user-friendly interface