HxGN MineProtect Operator Alertness System (OAS) Analytics

Visualize fatigue and distraction events using the analytics and reporting tool connecting HxGN MineProtect Operator Alertness System’s (OAS) on-board camera with Hexagon’s web interface.


An interactive mining experience

Interactively explore your own life-of-mine journey to see how Hexagon leads to safer, more productive, more sustainable and more profitable mines across the entire mine site lifecycle, or contact us to discuss your unique challenges.

Main benefits

A page to visualize your fleet

View all units as snapshots, seeing both the driver view as well as the forward-facing camera, if installed.

Replay event videos

Continuously improve by reviewing, validating and reporting the type and severity of each OAS event.

Fatigue, distraction reporting

Identify increased fatigue and distraction risks based on time of day and location via configurable reporting.

Identify, manage and measure fatigue, distraction risks

HxGN MineProtect OAS Analytics is a web-based management and reporting platform that adds a powerful layer of safety to MineProtect OAS. It captures and visualizes fatigue and distraction events via an on-board system.

The ability to see an operator who is struggling to stay awake or maintain vigilance and focus is key in making a potentially life-saving decision to stop a truck. Videos help you identify operators who are exhibiting higher-than-average numbers of events. This data provides the platform for coaching and continual improvement, helping to create effective policies to govern areas that contribute to these types of events.

This data is enhanced by the oversight of Hexagon’s Remote Monitoring Center, which provides 24/7 monitoring of driver fatigue and distraction, immediately validating an event once the OAS server receives it.  Type and severity of the event are identified, adding context and criticality to the information generated.

HxGN MineProtect Operator Alertness System Analytics provides all the data you need in a highly configurable exportable interface.

Customize your reporting tools

Event data analysis can be customized providing insight and metrics into your mine’s levels of fatigue and distraction. Create data points that allow for measurable metrics related to the reduction of incidents and fatigue-related events.

Insight from heat map and event locations

HxGN MineProtect OAS Analytics maps provide a configurable display of fatigue and distraction events and their locations. Visualizing locations provides valuable insight into areas of increased risk of fatigue and distraction events.

CAS event forward-facing camera visualization

HxGN MineProtect OAS Analytics allows for visualization of CAS events via the forward-facing camera when OAS and CAS are both installed. These videos add context and provide a platform for continuous improvement.

Improving mine safety

Safety’s too important for partial solutions. Learn how Hexagon helped Minera San Cristóbal S.A. deploy HxGN MineOperate OP Pro & HxGN MineProtect CAS & OAS in Bolivia to address risks, minimize nuisance alarms and get everyone home safely.

Analytics and visualization to improve safety

See how safety analytics and powerful data visualization reveal the story behind near-miss events and incident investigation. Risk hot spots and interactive heat maps help you respond to change risky behaviors.

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Award-winning technology

Learn more about Hexagon's safety solutions and the two prestigious awards received for its revolutionary mine safety solution that keeps operator fatigue in check.

Conuma Coal: Protecting what’s precious

Conuma Coal invested in a safety package to protect employees and equipment. It integrates systems for collision avoidance, fatigue monitoring and a web-based reporting and analytics enterprise platform.

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